KATANA is the third wingsuit in the new 2013-14 lineup. Following the NINJA, all-around acrobatic wingsuit and the BLADE III, all-around flocking wing suit, the KATANA is designed to fly the maximum distance at the maximum speeds without loosing any agility and responsiveness.The KATANA wingsuit has large wings and special a quatro-wing design with new DRS (Drag Reduction System) system that channels the air on the top wing reducing drag and consequently allowing longer (distance) and faster (speed) flights, quicker and flatter turns without a need to maximize the surface area of the wingsuit. The KATANA layout and profile, although large, have been specially designed for high-speed flight characteristics without compromising pilot input and access to the pilot chute. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Aerodynamically shaped, transparent reinforced sail material with BIRDMAN DRS.
  • Emergency cut-away for arms.
  • 10 mm YKK zippers.
  • Reinforced 3D air-intakes with air-locks.
  • Hook knife pocket outside.
  • Two inner pockets.
  • Reinforced 2 mm thick leather bootie.
  • High collar.
  • 210D double coated extra sturdy nylon.
  • Semi- rigid long- and short ribs made from BoPET material.
  • Fully breathable inner lining for comfort.
  • Thick protective knee & bootie area.
  • Leading edge: Aerodynamically shaped, transparent reinforced sail material.
  • Thick, moisture absorbing back pad made from Spandex.
  • Large size erected air-inlets with airlocks.
  • Back deflector and leg wing DRS.
  • Semi-rigid and shaped leading edge.
  • 10 mm wide YKK zipper.


                                                              (SIZE CHART)

                   Height                           Weight               Max Chest Size         Shoe Size 

M:     167-173cm  (5-05-5-08)    65-75kg (143-165lb)       100cm (39)        25-27cm (8-9.5)

M+:   169-175cm  (5-06-5-09)    65-75kg (143-165lb)       100cm (39)        25-27cm (8-9.5)

MT:   174-179cm  (5-08-5-10)    72-82kg (158-180lb)       107cm (42)        26-28cm (8.5-9)

MT+: 176-181cm  (5-09-5-11)    72-82kg (158-180lb)       107cm (42)        26-28cm (8.5-9)

L :     179-185cm  (5-10-6-00)    77-87kg (169-192lb)       115cm (45)        27-29cm (9.5-10)

L+ :   181-187cm  (5-11-6-01)    77-87kg (169-192lb)       115cm (45)        27-29cm (9.5-10)

LW:   179-185cm  (5-10-6-00)    85-92kg (187-202lb)       120cm (47)        27-29cm (9-10.5)

LW+: 181-187cm  (5-11-6-01)    85-92kg (187-202lb)       120cm (47)        27-29cm (9-10.5)

XL:   185-195cm  (6-00-6-04)    85-95kg (187-209lb)        120cm (47)        28-30cm (9-10.5)

XL+:  187-197cm  (6-01-6-05)    85-95kg (187-209lb)       120cm (47)        28-30cm (9-10.5)

 *Without shoe size height measurement

 *Delivary time: Immidiate shipping from in stock models.
 *Out of stock models lead times of production: Around 8-16 weeks. 
  Custom color or Logos upon your request.  Please contact us.

WHITE / RED (Black Zippers & Sitching. BM logo on back )

BLACK (Black Zippers & Sitching. BM logo on back)

WHITE/BLACK (Black Zippers & Sitching. BM logo on back)

WHITE/NAVY (Black Zippers & Sitching. BM logo on back)

BLACK/WHITE (Black Zippers & Sitching. BM logo on back)

RED/NAVY(Black Zippers & Sitching. BM logo on back)

Price : 238,000 Yen

*Reference Display (This is not the exact equivalent)

Weight. : 5000 g
Item No. : WS0003
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